Educational Ecology Programs

We develop and implement ecological education programs.
Students K-12 will increase their knowledge of local ecology. 

Curriculum for Classrooms K-12.               Home Schoolers also!

Christy Wright, BSc. Biologist

Christy Wright, BSc. Biologist

I work with educators to identify topics and activities consistent with the classroom instruction. My goal is to give students a deeper understanding of local ecosystems and our responsibilities to the natural world. 

Module topics have been piloted in classrooms to ensure the program is engaging and meets identified learning outcomes.

Modules cover a wide range of topics including;

Bird Songs, Pond Ecosystems, Fish Habitat, Plant Communities, Animal Tracks and Skulls, Foodchains, Tree Measurements, Aquatic Invertebrates, Caribou Conservation, Stream Study …


Educational Ecology Programs
  • “Christy Wright is an innovative educational facilitator and planner of fun, hands on science based activities to engage learners of all ages. Her background in biology and conservation are evident in all activities she plans, to connect all curriculum areas.”
    Brenda Melnychuk
  • “We can not thank you enough for your contribution to the success of the program, and to the young minds you have inspired.”

    Nature Club
  • “Christy catered the visit to our curriculum and grade level (grade 7). There was so much play-based learning going on. The class has a wonderful day of learning and the quality of the program was excellent.”

    Grade 7 Teacher
    Vernon, BC